Canon Printer Models by Year

Canon Printer Models by Year

Exploring Canon Printer Models Throughout the Years

2014 Models

Within the realm of printers, Canon made commendable strides in 2014 by offering a range of sophisticated models designed to meet the changing demands of consumers and businesses alike. One standout printer from that year was the Canon PIXMA MX922. This versatile all-in-one printer garnered praise for its top-notch print quality and impressive assortment of features, including wireless connectivity, automatic duplex printing, and high-speed printing capabilities. The PIXMA MX922 swiftly became a popular choice for those seeking reliability and advanced functionality for their home offices or small businesses.

2013 Models

The year 2013 marked a significant milestone for Canon’s printer lineup with the introduction of the Canon PIXMA MG6320. Embodying a sleek and compact design, this printer seamlessly merged style and performance. Notably, the MG6320 brought forth high-resolution printing and integrated Wi-Fi technology, empowering users to effortlessly print documents and photos directly from their smartphones or tablets. Moreover, this model incorporated advanced inkjet technology, resulting in stunning color prints boasting exceptional detail and clarity.

2012 Models

In 2012, Canon unveiled the Canon PIXMA iP7220, a photo printer that captured attention for its exceptional print quality and innovative features. The iP7220 showcased the highly regarded ChromaLife100+ system, enabling the printer to generate vivid and long-lasting prints. Moreover, with its wireless printing support, the PIXMA iP7220 offered users utmost convenience as they could effortlessly print from various devices connected to the same network. Photography enthusiasts and professionals swiftly embraced this printer for its ability to deliver top-tier prints with uncompromising quality.

2011 Models

Canon’s printer lineup in 2011 boasted remarkable options, including the Canon PIXMA MX882—a versatile all-in-one device catered to home and small office settings. The MX882 impressed users with its exceptional print speeds, allowing for efficient completion of printing tasks. Furthermore, this model featured built-in Ethernet and wireless connectivity, granting users the ability to effortlessly connect and print from multiple devices. The MX882’s unwavering commitment to user convenience and superior print quality propelled its popularity among individuals seeking a reliable and user-friendly printing solution.